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The Brookfield Inn was built in 1768, and historically provided a resting place for presidents and aspiring presidents, as well as travelers from all over the world.  Since  its last heyday in the late 1940s and 1950s, the physical structure deteriorated significantly. The Inn finally closed in the 1960s after a fire destroyed a wing of the building.

Current proprietors, Paul and Melissa Puliafico purchased the Inn in 1981, and  began the process of loving restoration and rehabilitation of the building and property. 


The History - Washington (Almost) Slept Here

Across from the Brookfield Inn on West Main Street (Route 9), lies a memorial
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that designates this part of the road as the George Washington Memorial Highway. In 1789, our first President traveled through five of the New England states. Rhode Island had not yet ratified the US Constitution. This tour was his last visit to New England, and has become the basis for all of the
“George Washington slept here” claims.

Historians know that the President had breakfast at the tavern of William Scott in Palmer on October 22, 1789, had dinner at the Hitchcock Tavern in West WashingtonBrookfield, now known as Ye Olde Tavern. He fed his horses in Brookfield, and spent the night at the tavern of Isaac Jenks in Spencer. It seems that Washington's party would have spent the
night in Brookfield except for an unfortunate incident.

As the story goes, Washington and his entourage stopped at Brookfield Inn, then owned by a Mrs. Bannister, and wanted to stay the night. Unfortunately, Mrs Bannister was suffering from a migraine headache and turned them away not knowing it was George Washington who wanted to stay the night. Washington moved on to Spencer, MA, where the innkeeper there was only too happy to oblige! Poor Mrs. Bannister was devastated when she learned of her faux pas, exclaiming that had she known it was Washington, her headache would have gone by the way.

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